The Digital AV - 2018 Edition - Revision I-728

The Digital AV Software Development Kit (SDK) - 2018 Edition
Detailed explanation of how POS tags are defined in the SDK
Permissive MIT-style open-source license for all artifacts
Source code example of a webserver in Go: serves AV text by chapter
Default stylesheet for chapter text in avtext.go
Text file representing the entire AV bible (illustrates binary formats using ASCII text)
The DX8 extent identifies the most complete binary data of the AV bible. It contains details of every word, including part-of-speech, Strong's numbers, and an inline index to AV-Chapter
The DX3 extent identifies a more compact binary data representation of the AV bible. Along with every word, it also includes part-of-speech.
The DX2 extent identifies the most compact binary data representation of AV bible text.
Index file for bible books
Index file for bible chapters
Lemma [root word forms] associated with lexical entries
Lexicon for AV-Text data as variable-length binary records
Alternate lexicon with additional lexical entries
Another alternate lexicon, implemented as an Sqlite database
ASCII representation of the AV Lexicon
Part-of-Speech tagging per verse
Text file that identifies each file of the SDK by MD5
Open & Extensible command syntax (Specification Version
github repository
AV-SDK-2011 is still available